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Tip # 2 ~ Meditation

The practice of meditation is a wonderful tool for cultivating inner peace, balance, harmony and health in all areas of your life. 

If you are new to the practice, begin with 5 minutes (you have 5 minutes) in the morning just after you get up.  Just begin to breathe deeply, expanding the belly and the chest, and allow your attention and awareness to be on the breath.  As thoughts come (and they most definitely will), simply and gently, with effortless ease, guide your attention back to your breath.  Beginning a meditation practice, is not going to automatically clear your mind. It takes practice and discipline which is the most important part. Within very little time, you will begin to see the effects in your life, which will be your incentive to continue.

Meditate to cultivate inner peace, balance, harmony and health

Meditate to cultivate inner peace, balance, harmony and health

If you are an experienced meditator, take your practice up a notch to 20-30 minutes twice a day; ideally, first thing in the morning and between the end of work and dinner. Meditation is a beautiful way to transition into the evening hours of Kapha time when we should be winding down in preparation for sleep.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your practice. The time you meditate will expand automatically as long as you are gentle and patient with yourself.

Now… take a deep breath and Enjoy…. !