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Ame’s Detox Pedicure

Pedicures are about more than just pretty polish – although we do love our polish! There are many reasons to continue to care for your feet even when it’s not flip-flop weather. Like many of us, our feet tend to be cooped up during the winter and in need of some TLC. Pedicures not only help you relax and feel good but they can improve your circulation and keep hard skin and calluses at bay. When you opt for our detox pedicure which includes reflexology, you can receive the added benefits of improved sleep, nervous system stimulation, pain relief and more. During our Detox Pedi, your feet will soak in a unique blend of herbal extracts and purifying magnesium sulfate crystals to provide a soothing, cleansing experience, soften and hydrate calluses, and relieve stress while elevating your mood.