Face & Body Enhancements

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Ame’s therapists can help you keep it healthy and beautiful throughout the season’s of your life.

Face & Body Enhancements for Men and Women

Cupping involves using premium plastic cups on your skin to create suction. The suction pulls the blood and fluid that is “stuck” to the surface layers of the skin to put it back into the bloodstream. Newly oxygenated blood then flows back into the area to promote healing. Benefits may include relaxation, induces inflammation to heal injuries faster, pain relief, and detoxification. 30 minutes. View our cupping waiver here.

Stone Sinus Remedy
The sinus area and eyes are artfully massaged with smooth, chilled marble stones to reduce swelling and pain.

Lip & Eye Rescue Duo
This lip treatment smoothes, hydrates and visibly plumps your mouth. Supreme Eye Rescue intensive eye pack is for tired, puffy eyes with dark circles and wrinkles.

Neck Lift Collagen
An instant tightening masque just for the delicate skin on the neck.

Stress Relief Scalp Massage
Renews energy and reduces headache pain, tension and mental and emotional stress.

Thai Leg Treatment
This is a fantastic added experience to any pedicure. Steamed coconut compresses rich in vitamin E, are massaged on the lower legs to ease tight muscles and to moisturize.

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Learn more about our Facials: Click here