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FIT Bodywrap for Men and Women

FIT Bodywrap

Click on the link to watch a demo. FIT Bodywrap: Lose Weight, Detox and Relieve Pain!


  • Cellulite reduction
  • Faster metabolism
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Relaxation
  • Body detoxification of chemicals, heavy metals and waste

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How it works:

A FIT Bodywrap is a dual action system. The first action is caused by the far infrared heat of the FIT Bodywrap. This heat does not make fat leave your body. Instead, the heat from a FIT Bodywrap actually breaks stored fat down and converts it into fatty acids that are used by your own muscles for energy. As the FIT Bodywrap heats your body, you begin to sweat to cool down. The sweat is fueled by the energy from converted fatty acids.


For a limited time, experience the FIT bodywrap 50% off (first single visit).

    1 session$99
    3 sessions$239Save $19 per session
    5 sessions$349Save $29 per session
    10 sessions$599Save $39 per session


Service available Monday – Friday during regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to print a copy of the FIT Bodywrap Release and Waiver before your visit to AME Salon and Spa. FIT Bodywrap Release and Waiver

FIT Booster Spray

fit booster body spray

Those looking to achieve optimum results are encouraged to use the FIT Booster© spray. The FIT Booster© spray contains a group of patented, unique blend of ingredients comprised of natural ingredients such as herbs and caffeine along with plant-based formulations designed to provide a number of benefits. The FIT Booster© spray can make the results of a body wrap more pronounced in terms of slenderizing. This is accomplished by creating a barrier on the skin which could more efficiently allow absorption of the infrared heat and the breakdown of fat compounds. The body has to work harder, which creates more sweat and burns even more calories than normal. The FIT Booster© spray is also meant to stimulate the contraction of collagen fibers, increasing firmness and tone while reducing the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles. The spray also has a deeply penetrating moisturizing effect, making the skin feel softer and cleaner while looking younger and more vibrant. The FIT Booster© spray can be applied before a night out as well as applied prior to working out.

FIT Booster© Pricing:

1 oz.     $10

7 oz.     $39.95