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Thanksgiving is almost here! I love Thanksgiving: Family, Food, Fun! If anyone is still putting together their T-Day menu or searching for a recipe to bring, I found some that sound delicious! I haven’t made any of these recipes yet (it’s on today’s list) so please let me know if you do and how they turn out!

If you’re hosting this year, remind yourself to breathe, embrace the holiday craziness, and remember the meaning of Thanksgiving.


One of our very talented nail technicians, Brittani read your minds and wants to tell you why it is so very important to keep up with your pedicures throughout the winter:


“As we put away our summer sandals and dust off our snow boots, many guests think that pedicure season is over when in fact – it is just as important during the winter.

Are you wondering why?

  • During the winter months many people suffer from dry skin. Harsh weather and forced heat can cause our skin to become scaly and cracked. Having a pedicure regularly will reduce dry skin and break down the barrier to your “new” skin and absorb the lotion.
  • Healthy toes nails – Face it – it’s tough to cut your own toe nails without getting them lopsided! Improper trimming and filing can lead to ingrown toe nails which are painful and can lead to infection. Regular trimming and filing will prevent this and leave you with strong, healthy nails.
  • Relieve stress – Foot massage has been practiced for hundreds of years. Massage feels good but also helps to ease tight muscles, reduce swelling, and aids in improved joint mobility. The increased blood flow brings oxygen to the tissue in the feet and legs.

Lets Go Naked…I mean on your toes. You love getting a pedicure but it’s snowing out. Giving your nail beds a break from polish is a GREAT idea! We will buff, shine and add some SolarOil to those thirsty nail beds.

So the next time you look at those feet that carry you about your busy day – why not schedule a break for you and for them?

Schedule a pedicure today!”

Brittani recommends trying our Hot Paraffin Pedicure this season. The hot paraffin is very therapeutic and feels amazing. If you have dry, aching feet, this one’s calling your name!

Check out Janice and Britt on the FB for more fun nail advice and please feel free to post your fresh nails to Ame’s FB page so we can see how they look after your Ame nail lovin.

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The Philly Marathon was on Sunday. It was fabulous. I don’t want to bore anyone with all the details BUT if you are interested in a full race recap, feel free to check out my fitness blog. After the race, I indulged in a little post race recovery with some of my favorite products. I throw the Rica bathtub tea and soaking stones in my bath water for the ultimate recovery. The tea comes with a reusable, muslin bag that you just fill with the herbs and soak in your tub. The  herbs are aromatic and soften your skin! The soaking stones are bath salts that smell amazing and help relieve muscle tension. I turned the jets on and I was set. After my bath, I hydrated with Jack Black’s body hydrator. This has to be one of my favorite moisturizers of all time and I have tried a TON.

Reasons I love it:

  • Softest. Skin. Ever. That’s enough for me right there!
  • Fabulous smell. It’s a light, non offensive scent-great for an everyday go-to lotion
  • Lightweight, absorbs quickly
  • No: phthalates, parabens, sulfates
  • I am very generous with this lotion on my thighs and back side. Here’s why: Green tea and coffee seed oil. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-> fight free radicals. Both have been said to help minimize/prevent cellulite. Giddy-up!

Meet Gracie, our sweet foster hog. She LOVES the tub. I ended up having to kick her out of the bathroom because she kept trying to jump in with me. Can you blame her? She is searching for her forever home and we would love to find her one for the holidays. Contact me if you would like to meet her!

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to YOU! Ame is so grateful for all of our guests. We always look forward to seeing you and getting to know you. Thank you for brightening our days! Enjoy your holidays – I’m off to get my nails did!

Do tell:

  • What are you cooking this year?
  • Who’s hosting?
  • What are some of your favorite Ame pedicures? Nail colors?
  • Who is running a Turkey Trot this year? Which one?
  • Favorite bath products?
  • Did you run Philly Marathon? Favorite sign?