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Most people have experienced body massage and know how an Ame massage greatly benefits the whole body. Have you ever wondered how yoga could improve your overall physical wellness, flexibility and state of mind? You can now experience yoga here at Ame!

Beginning 2012, as part of our ever growing ‘wellness’ department, you can pair up Yoga with Massage for the total experience! No class, no group…pure individualized sessions right here as you see fit, with Linda ——Ame’s certified Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist. Get on track for a healthier, happier you. Call for details and available appointments.

In addition, Ame’s own Massage Therapist and certified Health Coach, Alyssa Rodgers will begin offering health assessment consultations that can be paired with body massage! Don’t wait any longer to feel as good as possible. Appointments are required so we encourage you to call.

Kudos to BioEnergy Chiropractor, Dr. Jen Furcht of Whole You Wellness at Ame. Her training consists of the most current techniques that utilize the physics of energy science, structure alignment, cleansing, nutrition and emotional re-patterning. Appointments are available for you Thursdays 12 – 9.

As promised to you, Ame will continue to grow our wellness department in an ongoing effort towards health and well being for you and your loved ones.