In Eastern world cultures, foot bathing is a symbolic part of many rites of passage taking on a spiritual and cleansing significance.



Ame Manicure $35
...with Rice Milk and Honey$40
...with Hot Paraffin Wax$40
Shellac Manicure

Say goodbye to nicks, chips and smudges. It feels like gels but better! Shellac™ is the original and only power polish system with 14+ days of superior color. Set it and forget it. Practical and fearless… Improve your nails with an armor coat! Removal method doesn’t damage nails or skin.

Physician’s Rx Manicure

Taking manicures to a whole new level, a medical grade alpha-beta acid solution is applied to the hands and forearms to help lighten moderate sun spots and re-texturize aged, weather worn skin. Homecare treatment pads are highly recommended for long term results.

Men’s Manicure and Pedicure$27 & $60
Ame Pedicure$60
...with Minty Marine Masque Pedicure

This pedicure includes all of the essential elements plus an invigorating mineral salt exfoliation. We wrap your feet up to the calves in a cool, minty marine masque then remove it with steamed towels.

...with Green Tea Masque

China cut green tea leaves combined with our gelled leg and foot wrap provide a most soothing and moisturizing feet treat.

...with Hot Paraffin

Enjoy all of the essential elements of our Ame pedicure plus the therapeutic benefits of hot paraffin & heated booties. For dry, aching hands or feet that are rough around the edges, this one’s the cure.

...with Rice Milk and Honey

Natural sloughing benefits of the proteins and fatty acids found in rice. After all of the soleful necessities, we smooth on a warm honey wrap to soften hands, or feet & calves.

...with Hot Stone Foot and Calf Massage

Enjoy all of the essential elements of exfoliation, clipping, filing and nail polish. The feet & calves are anointed with soothing floral oils, followed by an Amezing 20 minute hot stone foot and calf massage.

Detox Pedicure with Reflexology$80
Essential Pedicure

Just the essentials - includes foot soak, clip & shape nails, heel buffing, moisturizer, and polish.

Pedi Polish Change$25
Mani Polish Change$17
French Polishadd $5
Repair Work per nailadd $5