Our skin is the body's largest organ. AME's therapists can help you keep it healthy and beautiful throughout the season's of your life.

Facials for Men and Women


Price variations reflect the years of experience, dedication and demand for particular members of the AME team. All AME Therapists work with confidence and pride. Our goal is always to provide you with the care you deserve and to earn your loyalty.


AME Touch
trehalose • baobab extract • hyaluronic gel
AME Touch facial provides pure hydration and tranquility. No probing or squeezing. Great cleansing, steaming, facial massage and appropriate masque and moisturizer complete the AME Touch experience. This facial caters to all.

(50 minutes) Level 1 $95     Level 2 $100     Level 3 $110

Organic Sacred Nature
buriti oil • shea butter • orange water • butterfly bush extract
Pure and luxurious, Sacred Nature products are free of parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances. Certified vegan and cruelty-free, natural organics ensure the well-being of the skin and the planet. Perfect for delicate, dry or aging skins.

(60 minutes) Level 1 $130     Level 2 $135     Level 3 $145

zanthalene • white tea • sunflower lipids
This facial protects, comforts and repairs dry, sensitive skin subject to UV irritation, redness, rosacea and fragile capillaries. Remedy facial is great during pregnancy when skins are at their most sensitive. Included in our ‘Little Lotus’ pregnancy package.

(60 minutes) Level 1 $130     Level 2 $135     Level 3 $145

actiwhite • pearl powder • vitamin c
A hydrating, anti-aging facial that oxygenates, protects and beautifully brightens complexions affected by blotchiness, UV damage or pigmentation. Homecare products are strongly recommended for long term anti-aging benefits

(60 minutes) Level 1 $130     Level 2 $135    Level 3 $145

salicylic acid • marine water • sea mud
Skins affected by oil, blackheads, enlarged pores or inflammation benefit best. Extractions are extensive for a deeper cleansing.

(75 minutes) Level 1 $125     Level 2 $130    Level 3 $140

..with contoured marine masque add $20

retinol • peptides • vitamin c
Restore lost nutrients that keep skin youthful, with our reparative and firming facial treatment, the ultimate in age management facial care. Our Esthetician will choose the appropriate Delicate or Intensive Peel to suit your skin’s needs. The peel off molding mask is a beautiful firming treatment.

(75 minutes) Level 1 $145    Level 2 $150    Level 3 $160

Thai Coconut Facial
Lush and distinctly exotic, discover this beautiful Thai facial treatment. Steamed compresses are massaged onto the face, neck & shoulders releasing coconut oils rich in vitamin E, especially beneficial for drier skin.

(60 minutes) Level 1 $135     Level 2 $140    Level 3 $150

Healing Stone Facial
This facial dissolves all tension and soothes tired muscles as well. As part of a very unique ritual we massage heated stones over the muscles of the face, shoulders, chest and feet. This is a beautiful facial to experience.

(75 minutes) Level 1 $150     Level 2 $155    Level 3 $160

Teen Facial
kaolin • salicylic acid • marine water
This facial caters to teens 13 to 16 yrs. who want their blemishes eliminated. May need more time add $25

(45 minutes) Level 1 $70    Level 2 $75    Level 3 $85

Facials & massages may be pre-purchased in series of 3 or 5 of the same for a discounted rate.


High Performance Treatments for Men and Women

Introducing NuFace at AME

Experience an advanced, FDA-approved microcurrent facial treatment dubbed “Pilates for your face”. Microcurrent therapy firms, tones and lifts your skin and trains underlying muscles. See Enhancements for available add-ons to your next facial.


Watch a video about NuFace here.

Longevity Facial
Based on the science of nutrition’s anti-aging effect on the skin, this specialized anti-gravity massage lifts the muscles of the face for a deep stimulating and lifting effect. Using a longevity complex of super foods & acids for the skin, it corrects and protects skins of all ages.

(60 minutes) Level 1 $135     Level 2 $140    Level 3 $150

(30 minutes) Level 1 $75   Level 2 $80    Level 3 $85

Physician’s Rx Facial
This medical grade facial benefits all ages and skin types without downtime. UV damage, lines, pigmentation, congestion or acne will improve immediately via a combination of malic, citric, glycolic, salicylic, mandelic, ferulic acids plus vitamins C, D when applied topically.

(60 minutes) Level 1 $130     Level 2 $135    Level 3 $145

Physician’s RX Facial with Retinol + Hyaluronic add $20
*May cause flaking/slight peeling within 7 days following treatment. Hyaluronic peel off mask cushions the skin with a blanket of moisture.

Rx Face Peel only (30 minutes) Level 1 $65 Level 2 $70 Level 3 $75

Mega Peel Microdermabrasion Facial
This is a high performance non-invasive procedure combined of resorcinol, glycolic acid and retinol enzymes followed by microdermabrasion to deliver unsurpassed facial results. Includes extractions, massage, and moisturizing masque.

(60 minutes) Level 2 $225    Level 3 $235

Mega Peel Treatment
(30 minutes) Level 2 $175    Level 3 $185

Click here for pre-treatment instructions for High Performance Treatments.

Face and Body Enhancements

NuFace Wow Brow Lift includes lips
Advanced FDA approved microcurrent technolgy lifts the muscles providing you with younger looking eyes and lips.

NuFace Lift
Advanced FDA approved microcurrent technology stimulates the facial muscles producing a lifted and firmed effect with each use.

*Add-on both the NuFace Wow Brow Lift and the NuFace Lift Save $5

Stone Sinus Remedy
The sinus area and eyes are layered with a cool eye gel then artfully massaged with smooth, chilled marble stones to reduce swelling and pain.

Lip & Eye Rescue Duo
This lip treatment smoothes, hydrates and visibly plumps your mouth. Supreme Eye Rescue intensive eye pack is for tired, puffy eyes with dark circles and wrinkles.

Neck Lift Collagen
An instant tightening masque just for the delicate skin on the neck.

Stress Relief Scalp Massage
Renews energy and reduces headache pain, tension and mental and emotional stress.

THAI Leg Treatment
This is a fantastic added experience to any pedicure. Steamed coconut compresses rich in vitamin E, are massaged on the lower legs to ease tight muscles and to moisturize.