Traditional Chinese culture translates CHI as energy flow or life force. You will have a choice of three aromatic blends for an uplifting Good CHI massage experience.

Massage for Men and Women

Price variations reflect the years of experience, dedication, and demand for particular members of the Ame team. All Ame Therapists work with confidence and pride. Our goal is always to provide you with the care you deserve and to earn your loyalty.

Good CHI Massage

(60 minutes)$105
(75 minutes)$120
(90 minutes)$145

Deep CHI Massage

Deeper hand pressure is used to ease chronic muscular tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

(60 minutes)$138
(75 minutes)$153
(90 minutes)$178

Side by Side Massages
Two or three guests can be massaged side by side in our beautiful Loft. Select Good CHI or Deep CHI.

Add Himalayan Salt Stones to your Good Chi or Deep Chi Massage

Add Dry Brushing to your Good Chi or Deep Chi Massage

Upgrade your Good Chi or Deep Chi Massage to a CBD massage

Cupping involves using premium plastic cups on your skin to create suction. The suction pulls the blood and fluid that is “stuck” to the surface layers of the skin to put it back into the bloodstream. Newly oxygenated blood then flows back into the area to promote healing. Benefits may include relaxation, induces inflammation to heal injuries faster, pain relief, and detoxification. 30 minutes. View our cupping waiver here.


Having a baby is an amazing event in a woman’s life. As her body changes due to the new life she’s carrying, Moms-to-be needs a little extra TLC. Let us pamper you before or after your bundle of joy arrives.

Little Lotus
Let us “baby you” with our soothing maternity massage. Not recommended during the first trimester.

(60 minutes)$110
(75 minutes)$125

Our carrier oil: a combination of jojoba, & coconut oils to which we add the aromatic blend of your preference.

Global Therapies for Men and Women

Rest on Water
Originating in Austria by a medical team. This  treatment allows your body to be weightless as your muscles and joints are soothed, resting in our heated dry flotation bed. This profound spa experience is like no other! Rest on water and let go. We start with an exfoliating, full body polish, apply our rich Signature Body Butter, then wrap you in our warm Rest On Water bed to drift away & let go. As an added indulgence, schedule a full body massage &/or facial   (not recommended during pregnancy)

$165  (approx. 70 min)

Herbal Heat Treatment

Steamed compresses of prai, lime, camphor, lemongrass & turmeric are pressed along the body’s Sen lines inducing deep muscle relaxation and pain relief. This is a traditional heat treatment in Thailand that the Ame therapists bring to you. Available by special request.

$175 (60 minutes)

In Japanese Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” This technique involves very specific finger and palm pressure along the Sen lines, with leaning and total range of body motion. No oils are used. Bring yoga clothes. Available by special request.

$155 (75 minutes)

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
This highly relaxing and remineralizing body massage using warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains, balances the central nervous system and nourishes depleted cells, leaving the body in a deep state of relaxation.

$140 (60 minutes)

Healing Stone
Aztec Indians and ancient cultures have used heated stones and rocks for centuries as a way of promoting healing and inducing deep muscle relaxation. The smooth stones are heated to about 120 degrees and used as an extension of the therapist’s hands.

$170 (75 minutes)
$145 (60 minutes)

An Eastern form of pressure point massage done on the soles of the feet and lower leg. Areas on the soles reflex to other organs in the body. Not permitted during pregnancy.

$90 (50 minutes)
$125 with heated stones

Shirodhara for Men and Women

In Sanskrit shiro means head, dhara means flow. A continuous stream of warm herbal oil flows over the center of the forehead, our third eye chakra, awakening all the senses. In Hindu chakras are centers of Prana, life force or vital energy.

Ayurvedic Bliss
This healing Shirodhara ritual focuses on the entire body. A warm foot soak, incredible Indian Head Massage and light 30 minute body massage prepare you for the ultimate Ayurvedic mind/body experience of warm oils streaming onto the forehead and massaged into the crown chakra. Available by special request.

$275 (1 3/4 hour ritual)